Dear applicant, Welcome to the application page for the MA in Public Policy in the Post-Soviet Space at Lomonosov MSU. Please make sure you have prepared to upload copies of your: Diploma/any document proving you student status at the time of completing the application, University transcripts (both Russian and English versions are permitted), Certificate proving […]

The head of the new English-language MSU program and Polit IQ, Honorary Professor of Columbia University Robert Legvold recommends his favourite movies about politics. We are sure that you like to watch movies, and especially with a sharp political plot! Introducing the top 5 movies. Gandhi Gandhi is a biographical film of 1982 about the […]


The new English-language master’s program PolitIQ led by Columbia University professor Robert Legvold is devoted to the countries of the post-Soviet space. In this regard, we have made for you an informative overview of the basic information about the countries of the Near Abroad, which every educated student should know, much less a political science […]


Politics is a serious and responsible sphere of activity, and politicians suppose to be educated and respectable representatives of the society. However, politicians can surprise us. How? The most famous bicycle fan among the world leaders. The 50th and current Prime Minister of the Netherlands and leader of the right-liberal People’s Party for freedom and […]


Summertime means lots of sunshine and warm weather – what else is needed for a good mood? If you are a little tired of piles of books that, we are sure, clutter up your desk, then it’s time to switch to an easier format of studying, namely video. Head of the Master’s program PolitIQ, honorary […]


Interest in political science was conceived in the Ancient World and continues to this day. The study of political science can be safely called eternal, since politics is an integral sphere of public life. Relations in the circles of power, political institutions and norms, relations between the state and society – these and many other […]


The uniqueness of the Master’s program in political science PolitIQ lies in the fact that Russian professors and experts from the Moscow State University and MGIMO specialising in the history and problems of the post-Soviet space will work side by side with our foreign partners from the USA, Canada, Norway, Switzerland and China. Already in […]


Today, science does not stand still, but actively moves forward. And along with it, Russian scientists and researchers, working at Lomonosov Moscow State University. Chemists, biologists, geologists, and many others who have dedicated their lives to scientific research, daily make small steps towards greater discoveries that can enrich human knowledge of the world. You can […]


Are you going to apply for a master’s program? Looking for an opportunity to conduct your own research on post-Soviet countries? Then be sure to read this post! Let us tell you why should you choose our program. We invite you to become an expert in the most important aspects of political and socio-cultural processes in […]