Academic Curriculum

About Lomonosov MSU Masters Programme

The curriculum of “Post-Soviet Public Policy” MA program is elaborated in a way to train future experts, who will be able to work on complex policy issues, keeping in mind specific features of the region. There are three main types of courses, offered on the program: fundamental, obligatory and optional courses. Fundamental courses are dedicated to general political science problems and methods, while obligatory and optional courses are focused on specific topics in post-soviet public policy.

Fundamental courses:

  • Philosophy;
  • Foreign language;
  • Russian language
  • Applied Political Analysis;
  • Comparative analysis of political processes and institutes;
  • Methodology of Political Science Research;
  • History of Politics;
  • Social and Psychological Aspects of Political Process;
  • Megatrends and Global Issues.

Obligatory courses:

  • Politics and economics in post-Soviet countries;
  • Methodology and practice of scientific and pedagogical activity;
  • Modern political institutions and processes: comparative analysis;
  • Constitutional law of the CIS countries;
  • Strategic directions and principles of Russian policy in face of new challenges.

Optional courses:

  • Energy and Infrastructure Policy;
  • Nationalism in Soviet and Post-Soviet Space;
  • Political Islam in Post-Soviet Countries;
  • Political Regimes in Central Asia: Post-Soviet Space;
  • Social Policy;
  • Globalisation and Challenges;
  • Critical Geopolitics;
  • Politics in Eurasian states.

About Lomonosov MSU Masters Programme