Fees & Funding


The tuition costs of studying on the program is 418, 470 rubles, which is approximately equal to €5,852 or $6,612 per year.

We do realise that many talented students would not be able to participate in the program due to the financial reasons and that is why we are happy to tell about the PolitIQ Scholarship Program, which supports exceptional applicants on the program.

What is a PolitIQ Scholarship Program?

PolitIQ Scholarship Program supports exceptional prospective students of the Joint MGU & MGIMO MA in Post-Soviet Public Policy. The program covers 25%, 50%, or 100% of the tuition fee. Awarded students receive financial support from PolitIQ during the two years of studies on the program.


Key facts:

All the international students, applying for the Joint Lomonosov MSU & MGIMO MA in Post-Soviet Public Policy are eligible.


The applications are considered on the rolling basis, each candidate gets a scholarship decision once it`s ready.

Application fee

Scholarship amount
PolitIQ scholarship covers 25%, 50% or 100% of the overall tuition fee (two years). Thus, if awarded a 25% scholarship, the project will fund a student`s studies during the first of the four semesters.

How to apply

Step one: fill the application.
In order to apply for the PolitIQ Scholarship, please fill the form on our website. You will need the scanned copies of:

  • A Diploma or any document proving your student status by the time of applying;
  •  Transcripts;
  •  CV (pdf);
  •  Motivation letter (pdf).


Step two: attend an online-interview.
If successful during the first step, we will ask you to attend an online-interview. The interview is our tool to learn more about your plans and motivation to make the right decision and support you on your way.

Coronavirus and problems with documents for application

We understand that during these times it can be challenging to prepare your application. Thus, if lacking any of the stated above documents, please e-mail us on admissions@politiq.ru and we will find a solution!



– How fast will I get a scholarship decision?

Unfortunately, there is no average period of an application consideration. Some candidates may get a decision in 2-3 days, while others wait for 1-2 months or longer. We do our best to make decisions as fast as possible.

– How do you make a scholarship decision? Any criteria I should be aware of?

There are three important factors, we pay attention at while considering an applicant.

1. Motivation (approx. 40%)
The most important part. We consider an educational program a platform to get you where you want to be. Thus, we would like to see that you have a plan and learn more about what this plan looks like. This is the way we can understand that you and the program match (and we are positive, you do!).

2. Academic background (approx. 30%)
Academic conferences, articles, reports, GPA, seasonal schools abroad and etc.

3. Professional background (approx. 30%)
Internships, working experience, volunteering activities, professional certificates, skills, portfolio, blogs, podcasts and etc.

– What an interview looks like? Should I study something to get prepared for it?

An interview is our way to answer questions, we have got while reading your application documents. We will talk about your motivation more precisely or ask you to provide some ideas about a given policy case. This does not require knowledge in any particular course and serves as a way to see how you think. Most of our applicants admit they found our interviews interesting and not scary at all.

– Who will make a decision?

The decision is made by the joint team of professors and managers of the program. Your application and a recording of an interview will be sent directly to the evaluating committee.

– If I get a 25% or a 50% scholarship, how does the further process go? Shall I get the money directly to my bank account and pay to the university?

No. If you get a 25% scholarship, the PolitIQ project covers the tuition fee for the first semester of your studies. We do so by paying directly to the university. The same applies to the 50% scholarship, which covers the tuition fee for semesters 1 and 3.

– If awarded a 50% or a 100% scholarship, is there a chance that I can lose financial aid during my studies?

There is. Bad marks during the exams (“3” out of “5” or less) may be a reason to reconsider your scholarship status. It would be fair to say, that we had no such cases so far and hope to keep going with the same dynamics.

– I still have a few questions. How do I contact you?

All your e-mails are welcomed on admissions@politiq.ru . Always!


Students, awarded with the PolitIQ scholarship

In 2019 the following students received PolitIQ scholarship to undertake their studies:

Angelina Kremenevskaya (Russia)

100% of the tuition fee covered.

Nazym Turganbek (Kazakhstan)

100% of the tuition fee covered.

Nikolay Petrov (Russia)

50% of the tuition fee covered.

Mikhail Pereshitov (Russia)

50% of the tuition fee covered.


In 2018 the following students received PolitIQ scholarship to undertake their studies:

Simone Ferroni (Italy)

100% of the tuition fee covered.

Natalia Panchenko (Russia)

100% of the tuition fee covered.

Dennis Scott Allen (USA)

50% of the tuition fee covered.

Bilguun Shinebayar (Mongolia)

50% of the tuition fee covered.