Online Winter School «Sustainability of Political Systems in Eurasia»

PolitIQ in partnership with the Faculty of Political Science at the Lomonosov Moscow State University and the Center for Crisis Society Studies are inviting you to join the Online Winter School «Sustainability of Political Systems in Eurasia»

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic proved to have deep political, economic and social consequences for nation-states. While being a global issue, when applied to the local contexts of World regions and individual states, the crisis, caused by the pandemic creates a demand for a thorough understanding and strong political expertise on all levels of the decision-making process.

  • How can we measure sustainability in application to the nation-states in Eurasia?
  • What is the impact of the ongoing crisis on political stability and sustainability?
  • What are the main “building blocks” of stability and ability of a system to respond to the external challenges?

Those are the key questions of the Online Winter School «Sustainability of Political Systems in Eurasia». During the course, we will focus on the concept of “political stability” in the former USSR states. Serving as a starting point of our session, the concept of “political stability” will be used to examine the key political risks and their variables, posed by the ongoing pandemic.

Organizators. PolitIQ, Lomonosov MSU, Center for Crisis Society Studies.

Key dates. December, 14 -18, 2020. Two afternoon classes per day.

Format. Classes will be held online via the video conferencing platform Zoom.

Working language. English.

Eligibility. BA, MA, PhD students in Humanities, Social and Economic Sciences.

Number of participants. 30 participants. Thus, an early application is always recommended.

Tuition fee. No tuition fee will be raised! Selected participants will be awarded with a special scholarship and invited to join the programme in the result of a competition participation on resume and meaningful motivation letter.

Application deadline. December, 12nd.


The participants will be able to:

  • analyze the latest theories of political stability and resilience, developed by the researchers from the Russian Academy of Sciences;
  • examine challenges, produced by the instability, caused by the pandemic and apply their findings, while analyzing the current state of energy markets in Russia;
  • discover the impact of digital transformations and climate change issues on the development of the Eurasian countries.


The classes will be delivered by the international board of professors from Russia, Italy, Serbia and Bulgaria. Our program consists of four main modules:

  • Module 1. Stability and Sustainability of Political Systems
  • Module 2. The vulnerability of energy markets and its implications of political systems in Eurasia
  • Module 3. Digital Transformations and their role in Eurasia
  • Module 4. Climate Change and Green Economy in Eurasia

Full programe is here


How to apply

In order to apply for the Winter School, please, fill out the application form below.

The application form requires your CV (1-2 pages) and a short and concise motivation letter (max. 500 words). We kindly ask you to explain why you should become a participant in the programme and how it relates to your scientific interests and/or practical work, social engagement and further academic or professional plans.

Deadline for applications has passed.



Upon a successful completion of the Winter School courses, all the participants will receive an official personalized certificate from the Winter School Team.