Eight political science journals to follow

Today we are happy to share the list of academic journals, which political science students will find useful. We included only those journals, which we trust and read. Many of them are specifically focused on the policy processes in the former USSR countries, so we hope you will find them useful and thought-provoking.


1.Demokratizatsiya : the Journal of Post-Soviet Democratization. 

Where to find: available on this website.

What is it about: historical and current transformations taking place in the former USSR states.

2. Russia in Global Affairs 

Where to find: on journal`s website.

What is it about: One of the favourite journals of Russian professors and political science students. Articles are dedicated to the foreign policy issues and complex international processes.

3. American Political Science Review 

Where to find: available here.

What is it about: literally about everything related to political science. You can find articles about political theory, public policy & administration, American politics, comparative politics and international relations.

4. East Asian Strategic Review

Where to find: on the website  of the National Institute for Defence Studies.

What is it about: The name of the journal is related to its content. Nonetheless, one of the main focuses are the security issues in the East Asian Region.

5. Perceptions: Journal of International Affairs 

Where to find:  here.

What is it about: This is one of the most unexpected journals in our list. The journal is issued by the Center of Strategic Research, which works under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey. Very interesting collection of articles on the actual international relations topics of our time.

6. Polis: Political Studies

Where to find: available here.

What is it about: One of the most popular academic journals in Russia, which gathers the best articles, written by the leading political science professors.

7. Public Policy & Administration

Where to find: sagepub.

What is it about: recent studies in the field of public policy and administration. Essential for future policy analysts.

8.Outlines of Global Transformations: Politics, Economics, Law

Where to find: journal`s website.

What is it about: Global trends and process analysed with the use of interdisciplinary approach.