MA in Post-Soviet Space is a Master program designed to train policy leaders, consultants and scientists to produce valuable social and policy changes.

MSU Lomonosov Moscow State University


The Master in Public Policy on Post-Soviet Space is a two-year degree designed to prepare future professionals in all dimensions of public affairs for a great diversity of careers worldwide.


Admission Requirements and How to apply


Money matters and we realize it. The tuition costs of studying at MSU and MGIMO are more than affordable.


We have invited an incredible international team of professors, committed to training future leaders and sharing most advanced tools of academic research!


Columbia University

Moscow State University’s new two-year “Post-Soviet Policy” masters program, taught in the
Department of Public Policy, under the auspices of the Faculty of Political Science, is where this new
generation of specialists will be trained. The program will combine the practical with the fundamental.
Exposure to modern political science methods and frameworks of analysis will occur parallel with a deep
exploration of basic political, economic and social trends underway in different post-Soviet states. The
curriculum will focus on both the foreign and domestic policy spheres and what is required to formulate
effective policy in both domains.

Andrey Shutov
Dean of the Faculty of Political Science of Moscow State University named after MV Lomonosov, political scientist, doctor of historical sciences, professor

The launch of a new educational program on political science PolitIQ is one of the stages of systemic work aimed at increasing the prestige of Russian political science education and the development of the national school of political science. Our main task today is to prepare and give the necessary knowledge to the younger generation, which has to cope with the challenges of modern development at the global and national levels.

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Admission procedure
For all questions regarding the admission to the Master's programme, please don't hesitate to contact us via e-mail

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