Call for Applications 2019-2021 to study Post-Soviet Public Policy at MSU

We are happy to announce you can now apply for the English-taught MA Programme “Post-Soviet Public Policy” at Lomonosov Moscow State University!

Admission requirements

Programme Curriculum

Our professors

7 reasons to study with us

Core Modules:

  • Power Networks and political institutions in Post-Soviet States
  • Different Norms and Realities: Post-Soviet and Western Values
  • The Soviet Civilization
  • Political and Social Profile of Post-Soviet Elites
  • Post-Soviet Political Economy
  • International Policy in the Post-Soviet space
  • Regional security in the Post-Soviet Space
  • The models of the Political Integration in the Post-Soviet Space

Optional Modules:

  • USSR disintegration: political and economic causes
  • Color revolutions in the post-soviet space
  • Neo-patrimonial democracy in Ukraine
  • Belorussia: the specific model of state-building
  • Military threats in the Post-Soviet Space
  • Baltic States: from Soviet to European Union
  • Political Islam in Post-Soviet Countries
  • Political Regimes in Central Asia: Post-Soviet Specific
  • EU “Eastern Policy”: prospects and restrictions
  • Post-Soviet Space in the Context of China’s Integrational Project
  • Eurasian Integration’s Economic Model
  • Political Regimes in Caucasus Republics: Post-Soviet Specific
  • BRICS as Alternative Globalization
  • “Frozen Conflicts” in the Post-Soviet Space
  • Post-Soviet Space in Context of Russian Foreign Policy
  • “Problem States” of the Post-Soviet Space
  • State Companies as Economy and Policy Actors in the Post-Soviet Space.

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