Meanings behind politicians’ Christmas trees

The Christmas tree is the main symbol of the winter holidays. And when it comes down to symbols, those are politicians who know everything about hidden meanings and symbolic communication.
Check out this post to discover what unobvious messages politicians’ Christmas tree ornaments convey.
– Nancy Reagan was the first to start decorating the White House in honor of one of the previous US presidents. Each year Christmas tree ornaments tell a story from a former leader’s life.
Of course, in Buckingham Palace, it is all about corgis, teacups, and royal guards! But if you look closer, you can find more curious ornaments with a deeper meaning.
 The Bundestag Christmas tree came out to be full of the most prominent issues and meanings, such as recycling, inclusiveness, and responsibility during the pandemic. On the creation of decorations were working in a studio of physically challenged people.
During Eltsyn’s term it was freezing so bad that the tree’s branches were breaking, and ornaments were falling and smashing to the ground. It was decided to replace a tree with an artificial one and make decorations pretty and resistant to severe Moscow winter at the same time.