Joint MGU & MGIMO MA in Post-Soviet Public Policy is an English-taught Dual Degree, taking place at the two leading Russian universities. It is designed by an international board of professors to train future policy-makers and experts, who understand the complex nature of social, political, and economic processes in the Post-Soviet region. 



The curriculum of “Post-Soviet Public Policy” MA program is elaborated in a way to train future experts, who will be able to work on complex policy issues, keeping in mind specific features of the region.


Admission Requirements and How to apply


Tuition fees and Funding opportunities for international and domestic applicants.


We have invited an incredible international team of professors, committed to training future leaders and sharing most advanced tools of academic research!


Nazym Turganbek
Our Student

First of all, I would like to point that this PolitIQ MA program offers a great opportunity to learn in depth the specific features of the Post-Soviet region. Moreover, I would also like to stress that different approaches, which are represented by an international board of professors on the program, stimulate academic unbiased discussions.

I have never had any regrets that I became a part of this specific program. If you plan to work as an expert in Post-Soviet or Eurasian region, then I believe PolitIQ program will be the best choice for you.

Scott Allen
our student

I’m a student at MSU. Right now I’m studying Post-Soviet Public Policy and I’m having a blast in Moscow. This is a great programme and I encourage you to take a look.

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Admission procedure
For all questions regarding the admission to the Master's programme, please don't hesitate to contact us via e-mail

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