Graduation ceremony: Post-Soviet Public Policy MA class of 2022

On the 6th of June, a Graduation ceremony for the joint MSU and MGIMO PSPP MA 2022 graduates was held.

Their Commencement speeches to graduates have addressed the Head of the Public Policy Department at the MSU, professor V. Yakunin, MGIMO professor A. Nikitin, and Professor at the Columbia University R. Legvold, PSPP MA’s Director M. Vilisov, and PSPP MA’s alumni N. Turganbek.

2022 Graduate students:
Hailey Wells (USA)
Jesus Yaniz Gonzalez (Spain)
Vladislav Sergeev (Kazakhstan)
Mihaela Ribanchiva (Bulgaria)
Daniil Krasov (Russia)
Tatiana Zasheva (Russia)
Alexey Vildanov (Russia)

The class of 2022 is already the third class welcomed by the PolitIQ PSPP MA program, which unites talented students and young political science professionals from all over the world.

Since 2018, when four years ago the joint MA of Post-Soviet Public Policy has been launched, the program has already seen students from 15 countries coming to Russia to create and expand a mutual understanding of Post-Soviet space processes, along with its challenges and opportunities

PolitIQ team warmly congratulates its graduates and wishes them all the greatest professional achievements!