“WWW over USSR: 30 years after” special project by Системный Блокъ and PolitIQ

We are pleased to announce the release of our special project in a partnership with Системный Блокъ (Systemnyi Block) called “WWW over USSR: 30 years after”. The project follows key events from 1991 to 2021 in political, cultural, and social spheres triggered by technological change.
Among the authors of the project – students of the Post-Soviet Public Policy MA program – Ileana Exaras, Tatiana Zasheva, and Jesus Yaniz.
The timeline of the project is divided into three blocks (“1991-2000”, “2001-2010”, “2011-2021”) accompanied by feedback from experts in political science, sociology experts, and media.
Kirill Telin, Ph.D., Coordinator at the PSPP program, has also provided an expert opinion on the tendencies and facts analyzed within the framework of projects.
On how technologies have changed our lives, read in a text by following a link.