It seems that we live in the age of Podcasts Boom! All the modern media, NGOs and even Universities work with this format and create useful content, due to which we can effectively spend our time seating in a bus on our way to the university. Today we gathered for you our favourite podcasts about politics both in English and Russian!

Podcasts is English

  1. The Vox Podcasts

Several wonderful podcasts are being made by The Vox . Among them are:

— The Impact podcast, in which

you learn about the way laws really change our live.


— The Today Explained podcast, in which

topical American and World`s news are being explained.


— the Ezra Klein Show podcast, in which

you can listen to an interview with the most powerful representatives of American politics and media


— The Worldly podcast, in which

The essential World`s news are explained


— The Weeds Podcast , in which

political initiatives and policy programmes are discussed


2. BBC Podcasts 

BBC has a HUGE number of podcasts! We picked our top – 3 but will be happy to learn about your preferences (in comments).

— BBC Hardtalk

Popular interviews hosted by Stephen Sackur, who ask politicians honest and tough questions. 


— News podcasts, among which 

  • Newshour podcast (link)
  • Global News podcasts (link)
  • Westminster Hour (link)

— Public Philosopher Podcast, which

you might already known because of Michael Sandel`s lecture in Moscow, which we had an honour to organise . 


3. Talking Politics Podcast

A podcast created on the faculty of politics at Cambridge University. The hosts invite famous historians, writers and experts, who share their ideas about the modern changes.

Podcasts in Russian

  1. Podcasts on “Meduza”

“Meduza” is an extremely popular media among youth in Russia. It works on several podcasts and each of them can be interesting for you in its own way. However, among all the Meduza podcasts, only two systematically touch the sociopolitical issues.  

  • «Медуза в курсе» (“Meduza knows”)

«Weekly podcast about the most important event happened during the week»


  • Текст недели (The text of the week)

The text of the week is a podcast, in which Meduza`s journalists read out the best texts, written during the week. You can even hear here fragments of interviews and journalists feedback about the process of preparing the text.


2. Inliberty

Inliberty is a famous educational project in Russia, which invites you to think about the funding principles of a free society.

Here you can listen to the lectures and discussions about most topical sociopolitical issues in Russia

3. «Глаголев FM» (“Glagolev FM”) Podcasts

Radio created by the founders of “Batenka, da vy transformer” («Батенька, да вы трансформер») project. Their podcatss contain interesting insights and even philosophical considerations about the Russian society.

Here is the list of Glagolev`s podcasts, in which we DO especially recommend “the Sociology of strem [fear]” («Социология стрема»)

This list could last forever… Do you have any recommendations? Your favourite podcasts? Write about them in comments!