Life in Moscow by Aleksander Strakhov

Moscow is one of the World`s most dynamic and fast-growing cities.

It is the city of modern high-rises and traditional churches, a city of contrasts and opportunities. In the text below you can find a text, written by MA student at political science faculty, Lomonosov MSU, Aleksander Strakhov

Let me begin by saying that Moscow offers a student lots of opportunities, although only students themselves decide, what to “take” from the city. To me, Moscow seems to be a good friend, who always has food and slippers for a visitor. I know this comparison is rough – the one should not compare the Red Square to a sandwich. However, this impression, this atmosphere creates a unique situation, lacking which a student may have found him-/ herself lost in the big city. I think this is relevant for both Moscow citizens and international visitors – although Moscow citizens will never admit it publicly, I am pretty sure that most of them, fell in love with Moscow during their student years.


Moscow teaches students a sense of beauty. Outstanding art galleries is a golden fund for an educated person available at the lowest price. The architecture of the city itself (even during the finals) makes me enjoy the aesthetics of the city. St. Basil`s Cathedral, the main building of the Lomonosov MSU, the modern complex Moscow-city…

Moscow is not only about beauty, it is also about romantics. If a Moscow student would tell you that he/ she first fell in love during his/her school years – do not buy it! First time a Moscow student falls in love is the first year of bachelor, when you observe your the one, seating in the historical class of MSU and thinking, which place to choose for your first date – a classical Kuskovo, bright Tsaritsyno or impressive Kolomenskoe (ed. – Kuskovo, Tsaritsyno, and Kolomenskoe are the famous Moscow parks). There is no better place for the first bouquet than those parks.

Moscow gives a student new friends, the relationships with whom will last for years. I love spending time with friends at the Historical Museum, the Museum of the modern history of Russia, in GULAG Museum or Bulgakov House. We are also used to have fun at the “Children`s world” on Lubyanka; argue about books in “Falanster”, “Tsyolkovsky” or Moscow Book House and have a cup of coffee at Kitay-Gorod or Kuznetsky most.

Having a free eve? Then come and enjoy the best theatre troupes playing at Bolshoy and Maly theaters or Gogol-center. Moscow also hosts many concerts of the World-famous music bands.

Finally, Moscow is also great for studying! This may sound surprising, but I believe that the very process of learning, to a large extent, determines a student him-/herself. At Lomonosov MSU, apart from our standard classes, we are free to attend any course at the university. Although if that still does not seem enough, the one may attend an open lecture. Do you want to learn more about urban studies? Then welcome to “Strelka”. Want to learn the theory of icon painting? Then you are very welcome to come to the Museum of a Russian icon.

A student in Moscow studies at a university. Although do not mistakenly think that you may find a new knowledge only staying at university classes. Remember that Moscow itself is a big university with an unpredictable and extremely interesting curriculum!


*Polit IQ thanks Aleksander Strakhov for his valuable insight.