How to write a good CV?

Why CV is important?

Why CV matters to us?

CV is the main tool for us to understand:

  • What was your professional path before you have decided to apply for our programme;
  • Which types of projects did you participate or organized;
  • Which skills have you obtained during the last years;
  • What are your extracurricular interests and activities.

We are looking for ambitious, passionate and open-minded students and that is why CV is of a great interest to us.

Why should CV matter to you?

CV is your main tool to tell us, what have you been working and studying before our programme. Unless a motivation letter, CV is the document, which is written in order to tell us about all the projects and activities, you have been engaged in (and by no means, there should be only strict academic projects).

Your CV is just a good opportunity to tell us, what a comprehensive experience you had and how open you are to the different opportunities, life gives you.

Basic requirements

There is no CV template for our programme. Your CV must meet only some basic requirements.

First, a max. of two pages file is required. Please, make sure you did not exceed this number of pages. At the same time, 1-page CVs are also welcome.

Second, make sure that all the information can be clearly seen! Adding subtitles is typically helpful, while overusing bold front is not.

General structure

Just to give you an idea, let us provide you with an example of a two-pages CV.

The first section of your CV must contain your contact information. Personal photo, gender, race, mailing address are not required.

How to write a good CV?

Second and obligatory section of your CV should be dedicated to your education experience.

2-pages format of CV allows you to tell us the main idea of thesis and provide the information about average grades.

How to write a good CV?

Academic experience can be the third section of your CV. You can list here all the academic projects, you have been involved in.

How to write a good CV?

Different conferences, which you have attended and participated in

How to write a good CV?

And the list of publications

How to write a good CV?

The next section of a CV is usually dedicated to the relevant professional experience. Here you can provide the information about your undergraduate internships, volunteer professional experience and part-/ full-time job positions.

How to write a good CV?

If you have professional experience, which does not seem completely relevant to the subject of our programme, you are welcome to list it in the «additional experience» section.

Understanding of your skills and awards are important. Makes sure you have mentioned them in a separate section of your CV.

How to write a good CV?


We strongly encourage you to:

  • Divide all the sections clearly and use subtitles;
  • Ask your friend or English language teacher to check your grammar;
  • Brainstorm before writing a CV. Try to recall all the interesting projects, you have participated in.
  • Ask your friends and relatives about your achievement and strengths. They can be a precious source of information.


We strongly recommend you not to:

  • Lie. We may ask you to provide proofs of the listed in CV activity/ skill.
  • Precisely copy the provided in this article example. Try to focus on what makes you unique.
  • Include a project, in which you had a minimal organizational role. We are interested in your achievements, not your assistance.
  • Hesitate to contact us, if you still have questions!